Chip and Trace RFID Disc

Chip and Trace RFID Disc

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X1 RFID Disc

Chip and Trace RFID Disc is a unique disc 20mm in diameter which is a little larger than a 5p coin, that can be hidden almost anywhere. These black PVC disc tags have an epoxy adhesive label on the rear making them ideal for attachment to a wide range of non-metailic items. In the event of your property being lost or stolen and subsequently recovered your item can be scanned by the Police and identified. The disc can be placed on almost anything you require (excluding ALL metal surfaces)  e.g. Boat, Tractor, Yacht, Trailer, Kayak, Outboard, Expensive electronic equipment, Car, Motorbike, Quads Caravan, Motorhome, Horse Box, Horse Trailer, Saddle, Bicycle, Handbag, Luggage, Laptop, Mobile Phone but not limited to these.



  • Low cost peace of mind, secure in the knowledge this is your assets are stolen if can be traced if recovered.
  • Hard to find minature Disc provides a secure identification with its unique 10 digit tag number.
  • The position of the Disc is only known to the owner
  • Criminals change the colour, body panels, sails, interior of your assets, but unless they know the exact position of the Disc (which is extremely unlikely), they will not be able to change the proof of identity.
  • At Present most Local Authorities, Government Bodies, Marine Operators and Harbour Authorities have the scanners needed to find RFID Chips & Discs.



Operating in the standard low frequency RFID wave band (125kHz) they use a EM4200/4102 compatible chip with a guaranteed unique code stored on them. 

Robust, compact, 125kHz RFID asset tag

Tag Diameter: 20mm

Storage temperature range: -25°C to +75°C