Chip and Trace RFID Chips

Chip and Trace RFID Chips

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Includes X2 RFID Chips 

Chip and Trace RFID Chips are unique 12mm miniature capsule style chips that can be hidden in almost any discreet place, There are two ways of hiding your RFID Chips, by placing them where it is safe, secure and not able to move or by drilling a small hole into your asset just deep enough for the Chip then placing the Chip in the hole clear side up and cover the hole with a suitable material that matches and covers discreetly like epoxy, putty or silicone. Always make a note of the location and Chip number and keep this information safe for future reference. 

Examples of assets: Boat, Yacht, Trailer, Kayak, Outboard, Expensive electronic equipment, Car, Motorbike, Quads, Caravan, Motorhome, Horse Box, Horse Trailer, Saddle, Bicycle, Handbag, Luggage. You are not limited to these assets you can place them almost anywhere.



  • Low cost peace of mind, secure in the knowledge this is your assets are stolen if can be traced if recovered.
  • Hard to find minature Chip provides a secure identification with its unique 10 digit tag number.
  • The position of the Chip is only known to the owner
  • Criminals change the colour, body panels, sails, interior of your assets, but unless they know the exact position of the Chip (which is extremely unlikely), they will not be able to change the proof of identity.
  • At Present most Local Authorities, Government Bodies, Marine Operators and Harbour Authorities have the scanners needed to find RFID Chips & Discs.


Technical Information

This is a read-only tag, with a 64 bit memory holding a guaranteed unique code, enclosed in a 12mm long glass capsule. The tag conforms to the EM4200/4102 standard and can be used with any reader designed for that standard. This tag is NOT suitable for animal tagging but can be used for other applications where a waterproof housing for the tag is needed.

Dimensions: Diameter 2.12 mm, Length: 12 mm

Material: BIO GLASS 8625

Colour: Transparent

Environment Rating: Water Immersion to IP68, resistant to salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL and ammoniac

This HID manufactured tag has been certified ATEX compliant for use in potentially explosive atmospheres