Chip and Trace Pro Tracker GPS/GSM/RF/RFID

Chip and Trace Pro Tracker GPS/GSM/RF/RFID

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Remote Control & X2 RFID Chips

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GPS/GSM/RF/RFID Tracking System
Chip and Trace PRO provides a unique combination of GPS, GSM, RF and RFID patented technology to ensure your property and equipment remain protected at all times.
Compact size 125mm X 38mm X 70mm, weight 220g. Benefits from the provision of a professionally managed 24/7 monitoring, reporting and RF recovery service
Our Trackers carry a Thatcham Approved Certificate and are the only Thatcham Approved product in the Marine Market.
Owners can view their properties status, illegal movement, intruder or tamper alarms, together with GPS and GSM position maps as standard, Any customer can request internet access to view devices online (without charge). Our server is internet based on a HTTPS: secure site, on purchase customers are provided with a unique username and password.
Users can request a GPS and GSM position on the unit next wake cycle - View battery life and the end of life forecast tool -Arm and disarm the remote control on the unit next wake cycle - Upload a photo of your protected asset - Arm or disarm the device motion sensor (if no remote control option) - Access archived positions - View all protected assets on one map.
Units report a GSM position every 7 days as part of our health checks.




    •    Minimal installation, no antenna, easily transferred
    •    Reduce your insurance costs
    •    Difficult to detect, the unit gives no clues to its presence
    •    Compact size 125mm X 38mm X 70mm (palm size) weight 220g
    •    Long battery life, 24-48 Months using patented power management
    •    Works undercover GPS, GSM & RF
    •    Accurate detection to sub 1 metre, ability to find worldwide
    •    Robust IP67 construction (waterproof to 1 metre) 
    •    Manufacturer Control Centre provides dedicated professional 24/7 monitoring
    •    Vessel position maps can be sent to your mobile & the internet
    •    Police support for arrest and reclaim of property
    •    Affordable low cost managed solution
    •    Low battery notification sent to owner
    •    Intelligent self alarm motion sensor, tamper switch, or MRM alarm interface
    •    Proven 98% of any stolen assets monitored to date have been recovered
    •    Chip and Trace Pro provides the unique proof of identity with RFID Chip included
    •    Chip and Trace Pro is powered by M-Track Thatcham TQA 117 Marine Accreditation Rating
    •    The First and Only Marine Tracking Unit to receive this Accreditation 


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