Q What are the chances of recovery? 

A  More than 3,500 scanners capable of reading Chip and Trace RFID Chips are currently in Use with Law Enforcement Agencies, together with this and our FREE Watch List  chances of recovery are greatly increased.


Q Do Chip and Trace have association with Law Enforcement Agencies? 

A  We work closely with various Constabularies and MOD Police who cannot publically Endorse a commercial product, but do, provide us with support. They see the Database And Watch List as an important asset in their fight against crime, as the speed and ease of Use provides benefits over previously used manual systems.  

We also work very closely with Marina Operators and Harbour Authorities, again, they See the Watch List as an important aid in identifying ‘strange’ vessels in their area. 


Q Is the Chip and Trace RFID unique? 

A  We have stated that it is, here are some statistics; in each Chip, 39 bits of memory are Reserved, this translates into 239 or about 550 Billion possible unique codes, if one lined Up the string of numbers this would equate to 6.5 million kilometres in length.  

I think that we can confidently say, while not totally unique, the possibility of any Duplication or breaking the code is infinitesimally remote. 


Q Can I attach the RFID to a Trailer/Outboard? 

A  Yes you can, we can on demand supply additional RFID Chips. These can be in the shape of a small black disc or a tiny capsule, they are attached to the Trailer/Outboard / or other equipment with appropriate adhesive. 


Q Are the RFID Chips waterproof? 

A  Yes they are, not only water, but salt water, acid, vibration, heat and cold. 


Q How long do the RFID Chips & Discs last? 

A  The RFID Chips are passive, they are activated by the scanner and as such are Not powered by battery. The lifespan of the RFID Chip covers 1,000,000 scans, in essence this will outlast the vessel or any item its attached to. 


Q Why are there no actual picture of the products for sale on Chip and Trace 

A We do not use actual pictures on most of our products for security reasons, to not show potential criminals what to look for. 


All our products are tested prior to leaving us