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Protect Your Property

With our unique range of tracking and tracing systems

Chip and Trace are an internet based company offering GPS/GSM/RF/RFID Tracking and Tracing systems to protect your property, we have our own Stolen list offering a listing service for free to anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have property stolen or lost.

Adding one of our systems to your property can lower your insurance premiums and is probably cheaper than your excess!

World Wide Tracking 

Our GPS/GSM/RF/RFID Tracking systems offer UK or World Wide tracking.


Call Centre

Our live tracking system manufacturers offer a 24hr Call Centre 

We can offer GPS/GSM/RF/RFID tracking and tracing systems for, Marine, Equine, Agricultural, Bicycle, Caravan & Motorhome, Motorbike, Personal Property and Automobile. We are not limited by these categories our systems are suitable for almost any type of property you wish to secure and keep track of anywhere in the world.


Disturbing Home Office reports show a huge rise in the theft of property. There are no savings to be made improving security after you've been targeted. So act now by selecting the latest leading edge Tracking and Tracing solutions from Chip + Trace and "Get Protected".


Protect Your Property


Protect Your Property

Most people call us when it's too late and the inevitable has happened, so to prevent that happening protect what is yours with one of our  tracking and tracing systems to give you peace of mind